Dr. Zorina 1st Vice-Chair of CB9 removed for Exposing Corruption!

Below is a letter that was sent to the NYC Department of Investigation based upon Dr. Zorina's public statements that she made at a Community Board 9 "CB9" general board meeting on June 27, 2017.

NYC Department of Investigation                                                                    June 29, 2017
The Enforcement Unit
2 Lafayette Street, Suite 1010
New York, NY 10007


On June 27, 2017, at CB9’s general board meeting during the public comment period, 1st Vice-chair Dr. Zorina, during the public comment period session, (23 minutes) stated that **Carmen Martinez, who is a member of CB9 and who has a TRO against her not to be hired by CB9, has been engaging in unlawful behavior and because she exposed this corruption she was removed from the board as 1st Vice Chair of CB9 by the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Unlawful Manipulation of CB9 Funds!

Dr. Zorina stated that Carmen controlled of the CB9 financial funds by demanding that she sign blank requisitions forms to enable Carmen to make purchases on behalf of CB9 despite not being an officer of the board or having the authority to do so by the Board.  Dr. Zornia stated “When I became the first Vice chair and then Interim Chair, she [Carmen]  tried to get me to sign blank invoice forms for her to fill in when ever she wanted. I refused to sign.”


This occurred when the Demetrius Lawrence resigned from the board (October 4, 2016).  According to CB9’s bylaws, the 1st Vice chair becomes the interim Chair until elections.  Dr. Zorina also stated that when she told Carmen no that she retaliated against her by setting up a “secret” meeting of the executive board and informing them that Dr. Zorina was not the acting interim chair and that Dr. Zorina and the 2nd vice chair, Pat Moses had equal powers to be able to sign off on these requisitions forms.


A copy of these requisitions forms, are being provided to you, where indeed, the 2nd vice chair, Pat Moses, and not the 1st vice chair signed during the time in which Dr. Zorina was attesting to.

Continued Duties as District Manager

Dr. Zorina also stated that Carmen Martinez demanded that she sign the request for her to attend the District Managers Only meeting and Chairman Meetings, despite the fact that a TRO had been placed against CB9 and the courts had stated that acting like a District Manager is considered a violation of the TRO.  Dr. Zorina stated “that even though the courts told CB9 and Carmen Martinez under no circumstances she should act or purport herself as being the DM of CB9, she apparently felt that she is above the law”.

Dr. Zorina Rights Violated – Retaliated Against for Exposing Corruption

Dr Zorina stated that in retaliation for her not “towing the line”, she was removed from her position.  She stated “I didn’t give Carmen what she wanted and so I had to go”. She stated she was removed from the board by Borough President Eric Adams, right hand person Ingrid Martin and Carmen Martinez.  She stated that her application had been presented in a timely fashion to the Borough President and her sponsor Councilman Mathieu Eugene had inquired about her application to ensure she would be reappointed.  She stated that “Mr. Reinlinch, the person who is in charge of the community boards and CB9 and personally requested that I be reinstated.


She stated that Carmen Martinez “acting like the District Manager, has refused to forward her the information she was entitled to as the 1st Vice Chair, that she purposely removed her name and failed to include her in the daily operations of the board, despite still remaining to be “1st Vice Chair until the elections tonight”.

Mis-appropriation of Funds

One thing Dr. Zorina did not speak about is the continued refusal of CB9 to hire staff, thus allowing them to have access to the money from the personnel budget. 


Since former District Manager Pearl Miles was fired from her position in October 2015, CB9 has been without a District Manager.  In August of 2016, a TRO which is still in effect was signed preventing CB9 from hiring Carmen Martinez as the District Manager.  In October of 2016, the Courts told CB9 that they could hire a District Manager but they couldn’t hire Carmen Martinez.  Instead of hiring a District Manager they have simply allowed the District Office to be run by Carmen Martinez and have refused to set in motion the hiring of a District Manager in blatant opposition to the Court.


Additionally, CB9 could hire up to four staff members, one being the District Manager, but again they have chosen not to.  Under great pressure, with the CB9 being without any staff for almost a whole year, in secret, they hired one person and have continued to refuse to hire anyone else.

Instead of hiring staff they have transferred over $50,000 to be used at their discretion without any consent or knowledge of the Board or even the executive board.  FOIL requests have been submitted that have not been responded to regarding these expenditures, despite ongoing lawsuits pending in regards to FOIL compliance.

The Power of the CB9 Office rest in Carmen Martinez

How can a mere member of the Community Board have more power than the 1st Vice Chairman of the Board?  How can Carmen Martinez not only organize and call a meeting, which by the bylaws can only be done by a vote of the Board and the committee chairs, but who can also exclude the 1st Vice chair from participating and receiving information related to her duties.


How did Carmen Martinez have access to the requisition forms and then attempt to have them signed when they are not filled out?  All of these acts are behaviors of a District Manager, despite the existing standing TRO. Also violation of various laws regarding public money and how it is handled and spent.

https://youtu.be/t7d8eGPfBQc - June 27, 2017 public comment session general board meeting!
Dr. Zorina's speech is at 23:10 minutes


Alicia Boyd
Cc: Borough President Eric Adams
Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo
Councilman Eugene Mathieu


**Please note that Carmen Martinez has had a history of misappropriation of funds; first when it pertains to her former Boss Clarence Norman as his campaign finance manager and then in relation to a case that was brought against her by the Department of Investigation, which got her fired from her job at the Comptrollers office.


*Only provided three such copies were provided, but there are over 20 requisition sheets signed by Pat Moses.