Why Take this Fight To Brooklyn?

  1. First, Prospect Park is in Brooklyn and bringing it into the Brooklyn Courts would be more appropriate and more favorable to us Brooklynites.  It is a Brooklyn issue, where over 100 million people who visit Brooklyn’s most famous park every year will be affected.  The Courts will have a better understanding of our community’s diversity, needs and uniqueness, than a Manhattan court.

  2. Secondly, the current article 78 that has been pending since December 2014 has been reported by various news reports as “weak”. The fact that this court hasn’t made a ruling within the first 90 days doesn’t look favorable for us.

  3. Third strengthening up our opposition by creating another lawsuit from a different angle, just might get us that stay that we so desperately need to stop Hudson Co from laying the foundation in June 2014

  4. Fourth adding another lawsuit will give this issue more exposure and thus create more information, help to spread the word and create allies for our fight.

  5. Because this issue about zoning is a specialized area, which not many attorneys go into, it can require expert knowledge and experience to really create good sound arguments that can produce results.  Thus hiring a well established proven law firm to present a lawsuit seems a must at this moment in time.

  6. We got one chance to stop this thing from happening and thus we should use every angle possible to make that happen.  Our park is too precious, our view is too sacred, our community to endearing for us not to try everything within our power to stop developers from destroying our communities and parks.