They are laying down the Cement Tomorrow, May 30, 2014!

They are laying the cement down tomorrow! We were hoodwinked, people saying it was going to be laid in June 15, well they lied!  This process will take about two weeks depending upon the weather and how motivated they are in getting it done.

What have we done!

  1. We have hired an architect firm to review the zoning analysis to make sure everything is alright.

  2. We have gotten our city Councilman Eugene Mathiew to submit a request for a building moratorium to protect us while we undergo our rezoning process.

  3. We have held demonstrations and gotten over 800 signatures on our petition within a one month period.

  4. We got the Mayor's office involved in our rezoning process, where he has assigned us a liaison to help facilate the process of rezoning.

  5. And we are not giving up!

Future Plans.

The New York State, Housing Finance Agency (HRA) made what is known as Negative Declaration.  This has allowed this building to be built without an environmental study performed.  There are several areas that were looked at and one was Air Quality: A study would be needed if “manual actions can result in significant mobile source air quality impacts when they increase or cause a redistribution of traffic.”  According to the DHCR this proposed development will not do that and thus “no significant adverse air quality impacts are anticipated!”

We know otherwise.  We know that putting another 200-300 cars in this exact location (Flatbush Ave between Empire Blvd and Parkside) will have a tremendous negative effect on the air quality and we are prepared to hire a firm to conduct an independent environmental study on this very issue!

Why are we so sure?

If anyone knows about Flatbush, knows currently it is a two way street, with one lane in each direction, that is constantly jammed pack!  According to our latest Census we are the densest populated area in Brooklyn! During rush hour it is possible to wait three turns of the light to go one block. 

Now you will add at least 200 to 300 cars going directly into this area, where they will have to turn off of Flatbush, cross the sidewalk into the building, either to park or to just let off people etc…

This will have a tremendous negative effect, both in terms of added delays as they are turning into the residence (because they will have to wait for the pedestrians to give right of way), change of traffic flow as they cross the sidewalk and idle cars waiting behind them.

These factors alone should have been enough for the DHCR to request a Study.

“In accordance with NYCRR 617.7(f) this Negative Declaration will be rescinded if….new information is discovered and HFA (lead agency) determines that a significant adverse environmental impact may result.”

What is most frightening is because an environmental study wasn’t done, the city isn’t prepared for this increase in traffic, traffic changes that will occur and the negative environmental consequences of this building go up.  What about response time for emergency vehicles, what about traffic delays extending all the way down to Grand Army Plaza, what about pedestrians walking down the street having to give way to these cars, what about the air quality as more cars sit idle waiting, waiting, waiting…..?

No study, no preparing, no protection! 

What can you do?

Make a donation to our Fund!  We need to raise money to pay for the study.

Demand that DHCR rescind the Negative Declaration and demand an environmental study be conducted!