Our Mission

Our Mission is to Protect the moderate to low income people from being displaced from the Flatbush Ave, Lefferts Garden area, due to gentrification. We are determined to help true affordable housing, that is based upon the current population income and to provide assistance and support to maintain the current affordable housing stock.


We are also engage with City Planning and behind the scenes developers who want to turn Empire Blvd. into a tourist attraction and make tons of money off the community. We are being played in a bate and switch with community benefits. Told by City Planning that if we don't Up zone Empire Blvd., we won't get assistance from the City to help with our affordable housing. We know that if they get those high risers on Empire, we won't be here, to get any community benefits, so we are not going to fight for a community that won't exist in five years!

What is at Risk?

A whole way of life, cultural traditions and the displacement of thousands of elderly, children, and families are at risk. If we don't stop the tide to remove us from our homes, we will be forced to live in shelters, move out of the city, double and triple up with family or become homeless.


There are also thousands of children that can and will be affected by this systematic removal of a population, who will suffer and become unhealthy adults due to the trauma they and their parents will be facing as they are evicted from their homes, both legally and illegally.

What must be done? 

We must organize ourselves and become educated about the process of rezoning and affordable housing concepts. We must attend meetings, workshops and demonstrate to demand that community services be provided for the community and that the affordable housing is truly affordable for the community it is proposed to be in. No more Long Island income levels.


We must to take Residential off the rezoning request at the Community Board level, before it is put onto the pre-application and given to City Planning, because once it is in the hands of the City it is in the hands of the Developers. Click here to join this effort.

We must organize!

We must use every resource at our disposal, to let these developers know that....

Our Community is not for sale!!!

Who should get involved in this effort! 

Every resident of every community that lives, works and plays in Brooklyn! Because this is an issue all over the city. Developers paying off our local politicians and then having all these rights to just develop without any regard to the people who are living in these communities.

We must stand united and pull our resources together to fight for this!  Otherwise the developers who don’t live in our community or visit our parks or work there will come and turn our communities into tourist traps, to fill their pockets with money, at our expense!

If you would like to join this effort click here, give a donation click here, sign our petition click here.