Recent Events as of July 2018

Our Letter To the Mayor's Office! Letter Challenging The City's Decision for Cornell Realty Not to do Environmental Impact Statement

Sign Our Petition Demand Cornell Do Lawful Shadow Study!

Cornell Realty Shadow Study Defective!

Shadow and Sun-Glare for Brooklyn Botanic Garden! Wednesday, June 20, 2018 from 6-9 pm click above for details

We Must Protect Our Garden! Please make a Donation to our Fund-raiser and Read all out the Newest Threat to Our Garden.

New York City Charter Revision Hearings! Find detailed info on Charter Revision suggestion for Community Boards

Sign Petition To get Musa Moore, Real Estate Lobbyist Musa Moore removed as Chairman of Community Board 9

Transcript of Hearing on Conflict Of Interest Case - Judge Silber: "Courts have no Jurisdicaiton over CB9", case going to Appeal Court

Conflict of Interest Case #2625/17 - Court Case against Musa Moore Real Estate Lobbyist and Chairman of CB9

Musa Moore who Lobbies Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo - Gains support from her to remain as Chairman of CB9

Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo Lies in Public - Takes almost a Quarter of a Million Dollars from the Developers!

Non-Profit Role in Gentrification and Displacement - Hester Street Collective - The Prospect Park Rose Garden Development

Letter Sent to Conflict Of Interest Board - Musa Moore Chairman of CB9 Lobbyist for Real Estate

Letter Sent to Department of Investigation - Removal of Dr. Zorina for Exposing Corruption at CB9

1st Vice-Chair removed From CB9 for Exposing Corruption! - Evidence provided - CB9 Continues to Break the Law.

Community Board 9 Chairman Musa Moore Real Estate Lobbyist- Mr Moore received $145,000 while being chair.

Bedford Union Armory being Sold for $1- Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo is planning on selling 1/3 of a City Block to developers to build 56 Luxury Condos!

Mismanagement of Funds By Community Board 9! - CB9 gives back $100,000 a year and pays 500% increase in rent to known hate crime criminal.

Our Garden is Under Attack! - The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is facing massive high rise develop - Please help us Protect Her!

Shelters In Our Community! - MTOPP's Reaction to de Blasio's Plan for Homelessness!(April 2017)

Another Lawsuit Filed against Borough President Eric Adam, Community Board 9 and the Office of Management and Budget! Filed February 2017

The Lefferts Manor Scam: Community Board 9 has created a new scam to get us to be rezoned by the Department of City Planning, without Community input! (November 2016)

Contempt Of Court! Community Board 9 is violating the TRO that has been placed against them, and Court Papers have been filed! (September 2016)

Temporary Restraining Order Against CB9: The Hiring of a District Manager: Also here is the Amended Petition to overturn CB9's vote to hire Carmen Martinez as District Manager! (August 2016)

The Brooklyn Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Displacement at The Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park, July 24, 2016!

Last Chance to See MTOPP is at the Brooklyn Museum in the Agitprop! July 31, 2016

Lawsuits Filed

Lawsuit Filed Against Community Board 9 - 2016!

Michael Liburd community board member is being asked to be removed.

Lawsuit Filed Against Eric Adam, Sept 2015!

Read Our Oldest Lawsuit!


  1. The Brooklyn Museum has backed out it Agreement With MTOPP! - The Museum has hijacked a People Summit on Displacement by declaring the theme, the participants and the focus!

  2. The Gold Rush is Over - Understanding why CB 9 is no longer a place developers want to build!

  3. Letter to Department of City Planning in Brooklyn - Racist Rezoning Policies!

  4. The Role of Non-Profits in dis empowering Communities of Color: An example: Prospect Lefferts Garden "PLGNA" and Prospect Park East Network "PPEN".

  5. The Letter to Open Meeting Law: based upon Michael Liburd and Borough President Eric Adams attempt to violate the law

  6. Saving the Western Beef - An Affordable Supermarket targeted for development in Congresswoman Evette Clarke's District!.

Old Events

Hear Senator Jessie Hamilton of Brooklyn, talk about the bait and switch scam, being done in Crown Heights/Flatbush Area

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To hear the tape again and read about it, please click here

Airbnb Does it Create Gentrification?

Eric Adams Breaks The Law and Legal Documents are Fabricated!

Cops violate First Amendment Rights of residents!

We are Now in Court, Read CB9's Crimes against the Community!

MTOPP's Official Statements!

City Planning is Black Mailing Us!

Borough President Eric Adam's Executive Board CB9 falsified legal documents!

We Won the Resolution!


The Real Truth About the Resolution! click to read ! And/Or watch the Video, Click below the Youtube link

This is what our community would look like small sky on blockafter the Developers are through, all the current Politicians out of office and the residents of color gone!

We won our First Major Battle against the Developers! click here! to read our strategies and what we accomplished.

The Case of the Trojan Horse!

Transit Oriented Development, Why it Hurts? Find out!

Why increase the densest population in Brooklyn? Find out!

The Rezoning Process? What is it and Where are we at now!

Environmental Review and Study? What is that?

Types of Rezoning ? What type of zoning protects?

Zoning Loopholes? What are they?

"As Of Right"? The Danger Zone!?

Affordablity? The displacement lie!

Our Vision For Empire? What does that look like?

Their Vision For Empire? What does that look like?

The Dream of Luxury/Affordable Development! The Reality!

Current Political Environment! Take Back Our Power!

Our Formal Request for Rezoning? Letter to City Planning

Their Formal Request for Rezoning? Who did it!

Civil Disobedience? How it worked for us!

The Trojan Horse? What the Resolution really contained!

The Resolution? They Wanted the Whole Community!

What Can You Do?

Sign Our Petition!

Donate Time or Money

Find Out What is Happening

Join Our Coalition!

Make a Pledge of Love!

*Statement made by Eric Adams to Tenant meeting on June 8, 2014.

**Please note that New Directions In Healing, a non-profit organization, is accepting donations on our behalf and we thank them for their contribution to our cause.