The Whole F...king Community!

Presenting a Fuller Picture!

Here is fuller picture of what was planned for the rezoning of Community Board 9, based upon the resolution that Pearl Miles, District Manager for CB 9, created.

First let’s look at the boundaries for the Study. This is the area that City Planning will study and determine what will be up-zoned and down-zone according to the resolution that would be presented to them.

MTOPP The Movement To Protect The People

Pearl sent around a copy of these boundaries, which are from Eastern Parkway to Parkside Ave

and from Washington Ave/Flatbush Ave to New York Ave. In the study it talked about identifying inclusionary zoning, to create affordable housing and increasing residential density along the transit corridors.

Remember inclusionary zoning allows the developers to build 33% more than the law allows, in already dense communities, with an 80/20 affordable model, air rights are now marketable, and the affordable components can be built separate from the luxury buildings.

Now let’s look again at our politicians and see what they are saying.  Borough President Eric Adams said “build up, build high,….. with mandatory inclusionary zoning” …“I want to build up the Aves”… “I want to create affordable housing in this community, so that my son will have a place to live”.  Assemblyman Carmara. “I want to build affordable housing so my son will be able to have a place to live”.  Do they get together and decide the rhetoric they will shove down our throats, because it all sounds the same!

Now what is the most valuable land in our community? You guessed it, the transit access corridors closest to the Park and Garden! That is Washington Ave and Flatbush Ave. Are you surprised that Laura Cumbo is supporting this development! What promises have been made to her and she just got in office! The residents on Washington Ave knew this that is why they booed her when her name was called on Sept 23! You can’t buy a community unless you have a politician willing to sell it! It seems Laura was easy but who knows if she was cheap

Do you really think they care about the shade that will happen to the garden? Or the environmental consequences, to the Park? Did they care at 626 Flatbush! All the developers see are dollar signs. All the money they can make off those air rights. Those 30 to 50 story buildings they can build that would have the park and garden view!

Do you now see how important this fight is to them! Do you now see how much money they have already invested! How many pockets they have greased. How many promises they have made!

We did a tremendous thing on Sept 23, at the community Board meeting; we broke through the media silence. That was strong!  Because they don’t want people to know about what is going on here!

Because this is still in OUR HANDS!

But we were wrong!  It wasn’t just Empire Blvd! It was the whole F….king Community they are after! (excuse my French!) Professor Tom Angotti, had said they were just being lazy about creating such a wide area study, but he hadn’t seen the resolution! This wasn’t laziness, this was consciousness; being aware of exactly what you wantedCounting all the dollars you would make off the suffering of over 100,000 people in this community! All the Aves, all along our community!

Empire Blvd was the justification; oh look an empty Blvd that needs care, fixing  up and what a great place to put more housing! Thus they were getting everyone to think it was going to only be Empire that would be up zoned! But the resolution said “including” Empire Blvd, not only!

We were wrong! They wanted to make Empire Blvd the main thoroughfare, with hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, movie theaters, game rooms etc…  And then all along the Aves, Rogers, Bedford, Nostrand and New York, there would be tall Residential buildings and all along the perimeter of the Park and Garden

And all those side streets would be the homeowners, with height limits that they promised, preserving the quality of our community, as they build, build, build, boxing us in and pushing us out!

Now look really closely at anyone, and I mean anyone who still wants this resolution!

No Residential Development in Our Community!

Rescind the Resolution!

Downzone Our Community!

Preserve Our Affordable Community!