Rezoning Process.

It is important to understand this process, so we know where we are at.


We have simplified this process to make it easier to understand, without all the legal jargon etc.., but it is the process.  Here is the link of City Planning PDF file.


Please note that all along the way there will be opportunities for the public to be heard, hearings conducted etc…, but don’t be fooled!  The developers own city planning and they have the politicians in their back pockets.  How else did the City approveJim Crow Laws in 2014 in NYC!”


The smartest thing for us to do is recognize our power and limitations.  We are powerful at the community level and no further!  Even more affluent neighborhoods haven’t been able to negotiate with developers.  We can’t give this to them! That is our power!

Residential should not be on the table for them to study, what would be the point? If that isn’t what we want at the community level!  That is because it will now be in their hands and they will make decisions based upon the interest of developers and not us, as they have been doing all over New York City!