The Bait and Switch: The Great Con!

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You are listening to a recording of a meeting with Jessie Hamilton, District Leader, running for State Senator, Renee Collemore, District Leader and Members of MTOPP at July 22, 2014 meeting. The male voice on the recording is Jessie Hamilton and the female voices are the members of MTOPP.


Can we trust that Jessie’s statements are true? Lets follow the facts.

NO WHERE are luxury developments with affordable housing happening that are six stories!

Professor Tom Agotti, stated “they up zone in Black and people of color communities and down zone in White Middle Class communities!”


We will do a cost analysis based upon prices of property near the park to prove Jessie statements!

The politicians have said so publically, if you want affordable you must go up!!! And yet Eric Adams is now stating he can keep it at six or seven stories! That is the bate and they will switch it during the study and ULUPP process!


Okay now let’s look at his statement of property values going up. If you down zone these small private houses are the only ones that will be closest to the park, then anyone wanting to be close to the park will have to pay the going price for these limited number of homes. But if you put 8,000 luxury units right next door, you have just allowed your competitors in!


Now a person looking to be near the park, has choices and maybe those park views from a height of 20 stories is a lot better than having a home that has a 20 story building in its back yard!


Hamilton has experience in this market, so he knows, but anyone can tell you, the less you have of what is valuable the higher the price!  The more you have of what is valuable the lower the price.


That is why Park Slope and Windsor Terrace down zoned all along the Park! They increased their value of their homes and protected their community! Taking the long view, if we up zone,

their values will go up! Because they will be the side of the park that doesn’t have those 20 plus story ugly buildings and 20 story buildings in their backyards!!!


We talked about changing this and Hamilton agreed. We still can change this request from up

zoning to down zoning. While it is still in our hands! Believe that and find out why and how!


Come to our Town Hall meeting on Wed. Sept 17 at 7 pm at 276 Fenimore St. (Fenimore Senior Center) Get educated!Don’t let anyone tell you it is a done deal! For the sake of your home and your community!


No Residential On Empire Blvd!

Down Zone Empire Blvd!