Information on Increase Density.

This is the beginning of a series of Educational formats

This first one is on density, because the request submitted to City Planning by Community Board 9, (without the community that lives on the boarder of Empire Blvd. knowing about it) is to "...increase Density on Empire Blvd. to create affordable housing."

large zoning map

Please find above the photo taken from the Census Tract of 2010.

The darker the color the more dense the population.

You will see that Prospect Leffart Garden and Crown Heights near the park, is  one of the densest populated area in Brooklyn.  In fact Prospect Leffarts Garden is the densest according to the Census 2010 Tract.


Second, According to the Furman Center for Real Estate & Urban Policy

(this is a well known and respected organization that City Planners, developers and others used to understand the market trends and development happening in NYC)

click on the link and scroll down to Brooklyn and a pdf file will be open and you can find out more.

  1. We rank #2 in the amount of rent stabilized Units in Brooklyn NYC
  2. We had in 2012 (28) building permits issued for New construction

And in 2013 it was (169) a 600% increase.

  1. We ranked in 2000 (55) in the # of building permits issued and in 2013 we ranked 13.
  2. We currently have 14 known new Luxury buildings that are being built in Prospect Leffarts garden, (see below for those addresses), most with tax breaks from the City 421a program.

Thus we are being over developed in terms of Luxury development, with the aid of City Tax breaks.


Third, the Mayor himself has recognized that housing markets that are strong (the above data proves our strength) are creating affordable rental units to become unaffordable. 

Please read the Mayor’s Five Borough – Ten Year Plan, page 54.

Inside of this book he has also promised to help support community that are being destabilized,

by working with them.  Page 50

  1. The New York City Rent Guidelines Board has noted

that the number one reason (71%) apartment units becoming un-stabilized is due to rising rents.

  1. The New York Times has stated that the luxury units

that are being build is causing an increase in rates within our community.


So the question has to be asked why is Community Board 9, our Borough President and the Mayor’s office advocating to increase density in the densest and one of the most affordable communities, knowing that the luxury component of the housing package will escalated an already diminishing supply of affordable units, and push people primarily of color out, if truly the goal is to “Preserve over 200,000 affordable units in NYC”.


Well the answer is simple. Greed!  The developers want the park view and they have been paying everyone and their mother off in this community to get it!


And now the members of Community Board 9 want us to believe that they care about our elderly population.  When they can’t even sit at the table with us and let us be heard, without telling us to be quiet and shut up!


List of current Luxury construction within Prospect Leffarts Garden/Flatbush

*33 Lincoln Rd..

*329 Sterling St..

*393 Leffarts Ave

*651 New York Ave.

*271 Lenoz Rd..

*226 Linden Blvd.

*50-54 Clarkson Ave (three housing being converted)

*626 Flatbush

155 Ocean Ave

59 Hawthorne St..

111 Clarkson Ave.

1295 Nostrand Ave.

123 Parkside Ave

329 Lincoln Rd..

2217 Caton Rd..


*Construction not completed


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