As of Right Zoning


One of the most dangerous situation a community faces is the  “as of right” zoning.  Currently Empire Blvd is situated in an “As of right” commercial zone.  This means that a developer does not have to ask the community its permission regarding what types of commercial establishments, they can develop, all they have to do Is pay attention to the current zoning laws, which contain no restrictions (this can be changed during the rezoning process).


Let’s say residential is put into the application process, it will now be in the hands of the City.  The developers will know this is a sure thing.  In this regard, they could look at the current commercial zoning and decide to create buildings that we wouldn’t want, but which would make money because they know thousands of wealthy people are coming onto the block.


These could be hotels, movie theaters, large commercial chain restaurants, Dave and Buster etc… and without a moratorium (discussed in a previous page) they would be able to do it before the new zoning laws take effect. For the process of rezoning can take up to 2 to 3 years!


Just think about it Eric Adams talked about Our neighborhood becoming a tourist attraction, well what type of businesses, would be created?  Look at 42nd St., that is a tourist area! With the lot sizes that are available on Empire Blvd, almost anything can be built.


What is stopping them now? There isn’t any money in this neighborhood currently, to support these type of industries, otherwise they would be building them.  They need to be assured the money (residential) will be here to support these establishments. Because those sometime tour buses that do come through the community aren’t enough.


However, if this money was established money, that is the residents in this community were currently more affluent, they wouldn’t dare be trying this. Why? Because no one in their right mind who owns or rents property on nice quiet tree line blocks, would want a tourist area around the corner from them! Or even in their community, for they will know how devalued the community would become.


Our standard of living is very different from people in the city. That is why when the city people come here they love it.  We don’t have all the amenities of the city, but we have sun light, air, quiet streets, beautiful gardens, neighbors that say hello; a friendly community.


This would be taken away from us.  Our neighborhood would furthered be devalued

compared to the other neighboring communities i.e. Park Slope, Winsor Terrace, because we will now have all those ugly sky risers, those tourists pouring through our community, noise and traffic that will be unbelievable; a new Manhattan, whereas, they will remain true Brooklyn Communities.


Thus the developers will have to do it all together, build the residential with the commercial. How would they get the wealthy people here with all of this? The Park Views!  They could have views that Central park residents have without the same price tag! And remember City people are use to tall buildings, crowded streets, noise etc…


Again we say, there is too much at stakeOur way of life, the homes and community

That we have created to chance our future in the hands of greedy developers and corrupt politicians!


No residential on Empire Blvd!

No residential on the rezoning application!

Contextualize Empire Blvd!


This information has been simplified, but is accurate.