MTOPP's Annual Fundraiser and Auction!

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 6-9 pm

Location: Eve's Lounge, 769 Washington Ave, Brooklyn N.Y. 11238

For more informatin or you would like to donate an item to for our auction please contact (718) 703-3086

Price: $30

All proceeds will go towards our legal fund to save the Garden. More information


MTOPP's Legal Fund to Save the Garden!


Bruce Eichner is attempting to build 42 story buildings in a height restricted area of 6 to 7 stories, along the Brooklyn Botanic Garden . This development is being planned as the largest residential complex in Brooklyn.


Last year we were successful at getting Cornell Reality to back down from their proposal to build a 22 story building, but that was because it was an election year and our local Coucilperson was already feeling the heat regarding the Bedford Union Armory proposal that was being pushed at that time.

However the developers promised to come back when they got local elected officials support and now they have. Not only are they back but the plan is even bigger. For more details please click here


We need to hire a lawsfirm to conduct our lawsuit and create a shadow study which will show the negative impact this development will have on our Garden, but we need your help! Please donate $5, $10, $20 any amount will be much appreciated and your donations are tax deductible! For more information click here.

We Welcome Your Donations!

*Please note that New Directions In Healing is a non-profit organization, is accepting donations on our behalf and we thank them for their contribution to our cause.


*Right now MTOPP has won several lawsuits. One lawsuit against Eric Adams was to obtain information regarding the selection process of board members appointed to community board 9 and another to stop the illegal hiring of Carmen Martinez for district manager. There are currently one lawsuit pending and two are on appeal. However, we are a modest income community so all donations are appreciated to help support these lawsuits.


As you must be aware of the tremendous effort it will take to stop the developers from taking over our community and displacing over 100,000 people of color. The first and most important resource is time! If you have time to engage in any type of activity please click here to be added to our list. We will be in touch with you and let you know what we need and when we need it.


We need expert representation to do the lawsuits that are coming to make sure our rights are not violated; the right to stay in our homes, to protect our community and to be apart of the the decisions that will have profound affects upon our well being and this requires money. So please give generously to our Legal Fund. For more info about why take it to Brooklyn click here.


Our latest and 3rd lawsuit is against CB9, The Department of City Planning and individual members of the community Board 9. Click to review it. This lawsuit is now on Appeal


This case is has been decided and is now at the Appeal's Court, but during the case, Petitioner Alicia Boyd was able to obtain evidence that Eric Adams did in deed fabricate governmental records to hide the placing of illegally placed community boards. Part of the 3rd lawsuit (mentioned above) now contains evidence obtained from this lawsuit..


We also filed another lawsuit against CB9 for not adhering to the laws when it comes to the selection of the District Manager and then we filed and was able to obtain TRO against CB9 for this hiring. This lawsuit was upheld and Community Board 9 could not hire Carmen Martinez as its Districit Manager for violation of their own Bylaws and City Charter and Open Meetings Law.


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact at the below number

and please give generously! Thank You