Chairman of CB9 Real Estate Lobbyist! Serious Issues of Conflict Of Interest!


When Pia Raymond, a community Board member and a candidate for City Council stated at a debate in June of 2017, that Community Board 9 “CB9”, was well on its way to functioning as an entity that exists within the law, she lied!


At last night CB9 general board meeting (June 27, 2017) several disturbing information and accounts were told by members of the public.


To view this public comment period session via video please click here.

Below are the speakers and their times.

Ede Fox - beginning of tape.

Alicia Boyd - 2:52

Young Man Disclosing info on Chairman of CB9 - 9:50

Former 1st Vice-Chair - 23:20

Attempt to Prevent Community Residents from Speaking!

First it began with Rabbi Jacob Goldstein, complaining about the fact that CB9 had sent around an agenda, which clearly stated that the public comment period, was going to be reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute and that the public would only be allowed to speak on the issue of the Bedford Union Armory.


The ironic thing about this is that under Goldstein’s rein (he was chairman of CB9 for 30 years), this was the prevailing policy, where residents were only allowed to speak on agenda items.  However, since MTOPP was formed, we fought long and hard simply to get this practice to stop and yet it raised its ugly head to prevent people from disclosing illegal and unlawful behavior.

Former 1st Vice-Chair Removed from the Board!

Dr. Zorina, the former 1st Vice Chair and acting Chair got up and spoke about Carmen Martinez’s continued unlawful behavior, regarding her role at the District office.  She stated that Carmen continued to violate the TRO that was placed against her, how Carmen attempted to have her sign blank invoices, demanded that she sign authorization forms for Carmen to attend the District Manager’s only meeting, refused to send her information as the Vice Chair and worked with Ingrid at the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office to have her removed from the Board.


It is highly unusual for a sitting Executive Board member to be removed from a Community Board.  Never in the history of community boards has a Borough President done that.  But this isn’t the first time that Borough President Eric Adams has done unprecedented and obviously illegal behavior.

Other Board Members Also Removed from Board

What however wasn’t stated was in fact, not only was Dr. Zorina removed but Hector Robertson and Lorraine ThomasAll three members have had a history of challenging Carmen Martinez and the small group of board members concerning their illegal behavior


Hector Robertson was the chairperson of the 1st hiring committee that did not choose Carmen Martinez as the District Manager and thus all of his work and the his committee’s final determination was thrown out.  Ironically, it was Dr. Zorina who became the chair of the 2nd Search Committee, who’s results were done in secret and who’s committee choose Carmen as the number 1 candidate for the District Manager position.


Lorraine Thomas, who is a member of MTOPP, continued to request clarification and input into the workings of Community Board 9 as a member and continued to be dwarfed at every turn.  She wasn’t kept informed, was prevented from attending meetings, denied the right to sit on committees etc...  She sought the advice of Corporation Council and Borough President Eric Adams office all to no avail and finally filed a Pro Se litigation case against CB9.


In fact all three people have either written or stated that they made contact with the Brooklyn Borough President’s office to get help and support regarding obvious violations of the law. The end result was no change upon the part of CB9, but simply their removal.

Community Board Chairman – Lobbyist for the Real Estate Industry! (updated January 16, 2018)

Finally, a young man from the community disclosed some very disturbing news.  He stated that Musa Moore, the chairman of CB9 is a lobbyist for the Real Estate Industry and obtained this position at around the same time that he became Chairman of CB9!

I fact checked this information and sure enough Musa Moore became a Real Estate Lobbyist who’s job it is to solicit real estate deals targeting local City Council people in the Fall of 2016, the same time that he was running for Chair of CB9 and obtained the position.  Additionally his employers hire other lobbyist to lobby Community Boards!


This young man pointed out the fact that the primary job of a Community Board is to make decisions regarding land use based upon the wishes of the residents of the community. That in this day and age where there are fights all over NYC regarding land use and real estate interests, having a Chairman of a local Community Board, especially a board who has been fighting the real estate plans, is a serious conflict of interest.


Musa Moore was also given $145,000 dollars (updated) since he became the Chairman of Community Board 9. Thus receiving financial benefits for being a chairman of a community board.


Musa Moore, however did not deny the fact that he was a lobbyist for the Real Estate industry but simply talked about his former job with Community For Change.  The board did not address this issue, while taking the vote to reappoint him, completely disregarding the serious issue of Conflict of Interest that their Chairman might have.

System of Corruption Still Prevails at CB9

But then what can we expect, when anyone who dares to open his or her mouth against this board gets removed!  This system of corruption and unlawful behavior, intimidation, retaliation has not gone away and continues to be exhibited.  And yet Pia Raymond, had the nerve to say things are going well at CB9 and had no suggestion about what she would change to make it better, if she became the new Councilwoman.  I guess this is her idea of things going well, so just image her addressing other issues and concerns!


What will MTOPP Do?

One thing that MTOPP will do is file a complaint with the necessary agencies both on the city level (which itself is heavily influence by real estate interest) and the federal government.   If this proves ineffective, a new lawsuit will be done to have a judge determine if a Chairperson of a Community Board, should be a Lobbyist for the Real Estate Industry!

What Can You Do?

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