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Why have a Moratorium?


1. Definition of  Moratorium: A moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law. In a legal context, it may refer to the temporary suspension of a law to allow a legal challenge to be carried out.


2. What are we asking for

We are asking that a moratorium be passed in the city council to put a temporary stay on all construction activity within the Prospect Park, Lefferts Garden and Flatbush Area, whose intention is to build above 50 feet, until the City planning makes a determination on the 5 year pending application for rezoning of the above areas.


3. Why have a moratorium? 

Currently the Hudson Company has “as a right” to build this 23 story building, which means it has NO legal obligation to consider the community in which it is impacting, nor to consider the environmental consequences  of its actions.

Because of this “as a right” law, there is NO incentive for the Hudson Company to come to the table to negotiate, because to do so would cost this company money!!!

This moratorium will allow the building department to process the application pending for the rezoning of the existing building height limits, without any further construction until a final decision has been made!


4. What will happen if we don’t get a Moratorium?

Without a moratorium this 23 story building will be built and the other five projects planned will follow!

Forever, in our life time (on our watch!) Prospect Park will be altered!

Once the building(s) are built, they will not be torn down, even if we win the pending lawsuit(s)!


5. Who is responsible and needs to submit this Moratorium to City Council?

Our councilman, Dr. Mathieu Eugene, of the 40th District is responsible for submitting a request for a Moratorium based upon his constituencies demand for it.

Thus it is You! Who is responsible for submitting this moratorium!  It is your right and power to demand that your elected official do as you request!


6. What can you do?              Four things!

CallDr. Mathieu Eugene at (718) 287-8917  And

Email: at mathieu.eugene@council.nyc.gov<mathieu.eugene@council.nyc.gov>;

And DEMAND that he present legislation for a Moratorium to City Council.


Call:  Mayor Bill de Blasio at 311     And

Email: http://www.nyc.gov/html/static/pages/officeofthemayor/contact.shtml

And remind him of his own efforts to bring a Moratorium to stop building developer’s on behalf of his constituency, Carroll Gardens, in 2007.  Request that he follow through with is new philosophy to “’Focus even more deeply’ on the grass-roots-activist style he took to City Hall.” 


Sign: Sign our petition Now!

Come out!:  Get on our mailing list and when we ask for your power, you come out and show your power!

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