Who are we?

We are neighbors, Prospect Park lovers, gardeners, home owners, apartment dwellers, tenants, community workers, sun worshipers, Block Associations, neighborhood organizers, small business owners etc...

We are the backbone of a community. We stabilize, develop and implement the true concept of community, with our tireless effort to create safe, harmonious, loving, friendly, prosperous, beautiful neighborhoods.

We love Prospect Park! We are inspired by her beauty, her generosity, her energy and she inspires us to emulate her. Prospect Park Feeds Us! And we love her! It is no wonder that the blocks in this community have more representation as the winners of the Greenest Block in Brooklyn Awards then any other neighborhood, including snagging that title in last year's contest*.


We also love our community. Many of us have been here over 60+ years and we have created a life of beauty, tranquility and peace right here in the urban landscape and we want to hold on to that. We want our children to be able to live here and take advantage of the hard work we have done to create a viable, thriving Brooklyn community.

Thus we are willing to fight for her, to preserve her beauty, her gift of health and wellness and our right to enjoy her without any obstructions as she was intended to be experienced. Just as we are willing to fight for the people who live around her and the community that has developed.

*Sterling Street B&W Sterling Street Ass. Inc. won 2013 Greenest Block In Brooklyn Award.