Below is the actual transcript of the Hearing of Boyd vs Liburd 2625/17

Please note that based upon Judge Silber decision not to adjudicate this case, we have filed for an appeal and will be perfecting it, sometime in the next month.


Judge Silber refuses to adjudicate the case:

Below is the official transcript. What you will see in this transcript is the Judge's position that the courts do not have jurisdiction over Community Boards. If that were the case however, then Judge Siatta in Boyd vs Martinez 4985/16 would not have overturned CB9's decision to hire Carmen Martinez.

Court Never Stated Case was "Ridiculous"

Chairman Musa Moore, a real estate lobbyist who has already earned over $145,000 since he has been chairman of Community Board 9 "CB9" stated that Judge Silber had sited our case as "Ridiculous". Of course this would be abusive of a Judge to say something like that about a case that has been brought properly, with evidence, arguments of law etc... But it is clear Musa Moore doesn't care who or what he might lies about. The Judge never stated that the case was Ridiculous as the below official transcript shows.

Musa Moore's Intention to Discredit and Harm

Clearly it was Musa Moore's intention to discredit, and harm Alicia Boyd for continuing to expose the grave inherent violations of the law at CB9. Especially the fact that he is now pushing via the Land Use committee, a rezoning of the entire community! Musa controls the entire Land Use committee, because CB9's bylaws empowers him to place all board members onto committees. Currently there 26 members of this committee (20 who are board members chosen by Musa along with the Chairman of the ULURP committee).


Musa Moore's Behavior Benefiting his Industry and His Client Borough President Eric Adams

It is clear that an upzoning of CB9 in the form of a request for a study, would enormously favor Musa Moore's employers (the real estate industry). He currently has four major real estate companies who have employed him. Just think, real estate companies employ lobbyists to lobby community boards, but with an actual real estate lobbyist as a community board chair, you don't have to lobby anyone on the board! All you have to do is pay the chairman and he will do what he needs to do to ensure that the behavior of the board supports major real estate development, despite what is actually said.


For example, despite the fact that CB9 voted a straight No and did not vote on any modifications on the Bedford Union Armory ULURP project, Musa Moore and his Chairman of the land use committee, Michael Liburd, submitted a "No with Modifications". They put in writing that the board had voted upon 9 recommendations. This was an absolute lie and is the basis for our current lawsuit.


This lie allowed Musa's client Borough President Eric Adams to also vote "No with modifications" based upon the lie that CB9 had done the same. (Yes he sited in his statement that he was following CB9's lead!) This clearly was a political cover (also known as a personal benefit) for the Borough President that Musa Moore afforded him at the expense of the community. This is known as a Conflict Of Interest, because Borough President Eric Adams appointed Musa Moore onto the board! That is why the City Charter 1135 says that Borough Presidents may not place people who work for them onto the board.


But then who is obeying the law these days!!!

Musa Moore Abuses His Official Duties

Musa Moore has abused his power in the name of a governmental agency to discredit and slander a community resident, shows how uncontrollable this community board is and their lawlessness. There is a belief that no one has any control or jurisdiction over them. To put on official government letterhead comments that a Judge did not make regarding a case shows just how far they are willing to go and their belief that there are no consequences for their behavior.


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You can do something about this gross Conflict of Interest and this serious issue of Corruption!

Sign Our Petition, demanding that an immediate investigation be done by NYC Conflict Of Interest Board and that Musa Moore be removed from his position as Chairman of a Community Board!

Official Court Transcript of Case #2625/17 Boyd vs Liburd -